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Hurdy Gurdy House began operating in November 2001.

The general lack of suitable residential facilities for persons with learning disabilities, and in particular, the lack of facilities for adults with Autism and challenging behaviour, prompted Leanne Scott the parent of an autistic child, together with Richard Gaertner, to set up Hurdy Gurdy House.

While the facilities for children with Autism in South Africa are extremely limited, they are far superior to those available to older Autists, once they leave the confines of school.  Ageing parents find themselves increasingly unable to cope with the physical and emotional demands of their adult Autistic children.  There are very few residential options open to adults with Autism who present with behavioural difficulties.

The current policy of the state health and social services departments, is to de-institutionalise all, except those who require hospitalization due to ill health.  This is generally a positive approach, but one that does not recognize Autism as a life-long disability that may require substantial infra-structural support to create an environment, within which, people with Autism experience some quality of life.  

Hurdy Gurdy House is the first home in South Africa specifically set up to cater for the needs of adults with Autism, and particularly those who are unable to be accommodated at other residential facilities.

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